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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.                159

Malmesbury went away; not from my mourning
for that event, but from my want of somebody to
force me out. But the other day I emerged, and
honoured with my presence a morning concert at
M. Senovert's, who was an officer, and son to a
president of Toulouse, but is now a snuff-merchant.
He went over to England with Monneron last
year, to offer a negotiation, but got no farther
than Canterbury. He occupies Madame de Polig-
nac's hotel, Rue St. Dominique.

The company assembled at two. The men
were clean,1 many in English dresses, but there
were also a good many extmvagants, or incroyables,
en oreilles de chien; that is, with their hair plaited
and done up very tight behind, like an old-
fashioned chignon, and in front two curls or
tresses a foot long, just parted in the middle of
the forehead and hanging down the cheeks upon
the waistcoat. Two of them I remarked as being
particularly ridiculous; one side only was in curls

i This reminds me of a somewhat similar observation

made by Lord -----, who, being at   Brussels immediately

after the arrival of King Leopold, in 1831, and having re-
turned to it again three years after, exclaimed, " Things
are mightily improved since my last visit; for then, when
I went to dine out, I was obliged to walk through a
puddle to take the polish off my boots, as I did not like to
look particular. Now they actually all clean their boots
and shoes with French varnish 1"